Thursday, March 14, 2013

Susan Meister

Susan Meister was one of the first casualties of Scientology. She came into the organization via the San Francisco org in the 1970s. She was incredibly devoted and wrote her family long letters telling of the wonders of Scientology. After about a year she found herself on board the Apollo (the flagship that L Ron Hubbard called home) as a member of the elite Sea Org. Just a few months later she was found in one of her superior's cabins, wearing a nice dress her mother had sent her for her birthday, holding a long barreled revolver, arms crossed over her chest, with a bullet hole dead center in her forehead. When her father arrived in Morocco he was given the run around by members of the ship and LRH refused to meet with him. Among his many questions: how could his daughter have killed herself with the long barrel revolver? It would require holding the gun with both hands away from her body, and there were no powder burns to show the shot was close range. Getting her home was not easy as the Scientologists took the time to bury her before her father had arrived.

Pray for the Meister family, for the daughter they lost and the questions that still persist.

Pray for those in the organization who are in danger of becoming another statistic. We cannot afford to lose so many beautiful, intelligent souls.

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