Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pray Today!

Scientology is dangerous. People are abused each and every day in the organization. It is important as Christians to remember those in leadership and individuals who are suffering at the hands of a cult out of control. Today my focus is at the top. I want to pray for David Miscavige. He is the leader of the organization. Many believe he fought his way to the top even against the wishes of the founder L. Ron Hubbard. He has been in the organization since he was a child meaning all he has known for the majority of his life is the group. It is rumored that he abuses those around him, even those in high positions of leadership. Many followers have jettisoned from Scientology in the years that Miscavige has been at the helm, some breaking off to form their own splinter groups of the ideology. His wife has not been seen for year leading to some rumors that she may have died. While it may seem very hard for us to vote for a man who can do so much harm we can pray that his heart would be softened and he can be healed from his desire to do harm to those around him. While it would probably not kill the organization it would certainly be an amazing witness to many if this man would change the course of his life. Certainly this man has many trust issues as can be seen in the way he treats those around him. And there is no way he can be truly happy. As bad as people look from the outside, remember what you were before Christ turned your life around and pray for the change in David Miscavige's life that would make a difference for him and those who surround him. (And maybe the life of his bff, Tom Cruise.)

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